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The Step By Step Process of an Air Source Heat Pump

Let's be honest, we're in mid December and it's now the coldest it's been all year and the last thing we want is to have no hot water or heating. That's why having an Air Source Heat Pump is perfect to meet your renewable energy needs for this time of year. I recently

explained in an earlier blog what an Air Source Heat Pump can do for your home, however what I didn't mention is the process it takes to fulfill its purpose. Question the process no more, read on to find out.

1. The very first thing an Air Source Heat Pump must do after installation is it has to heat a liquid refrigerant by taking in air from outside.

2. Using electricity, the Air Source Heat Pump compresses the liquid that has just been heated to increase its temperature. Condensing back into a liquid to release the stored heat.

3. Underfloor heating or radiators have now been sent heat, however if there is some extra heat, don't worry, a hot water cylinder stores it for later use.

Those are literally the only 3 steps an Air Source Heat Pump carries out to generate hot water and heating for your own home. Originally you might have thought switching to a renewable energy alternative might have been too complex, however as I've just shown, it's not.

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Author - Matthew McKone 09/12/19

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