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What Exactly Is Solar PV And How It Can Benefit You!

Solar Photovoltaic or Solar PV for short is the front-runner in the renewable energy industry with over 800,000 homes in the UK which already have solar panels installed. Seems a lot doesn't it? Well that figure isn't just for show or has happened overnight, there

are genuine reasons for why they're such a popular renewable energy source. That's the reason you're here reading this, to find out what Solar PV can do for you and your home.

The process the solar panels go through to produce electricity for your home is very easy to understand. The technology of the panels converts sunlight into electricity by using semiconductors. Semiconductors are materials which have strength between conductors, being a very important part of the entire process. When the sun hits the semiconductor electrons become free and form an electric current, therefore generating electricity for every one of your homes. See, I told you it was easy to understand.

Now on to what you really want to hear, the benefits and the first thing about Solar PV that you need to know is the life span of the renewable energy source. On average domestic Solar PV panels last between 25-30 years, how amazing is that! Meaning you will pay for the panels and installation and then you're set for potentially 30 years! With the solar panels being clean and easily maintainable you will rarely have to fork out for any extra expenses! Overall being a great electricity bill saver for everyone involved.

We're moving into 2020, which means it is important to re-evaluate how we are treating our planet and what we can do to help make the earth a better place for us all to live. By adding Solar PV to your house you are not only reducing your carbon footprint, but reducing greenhouse gases around the globe and that is all down to Solar PV panels being a 100% fully renewable source of energy. At this point I've not even finished stating all the benefits of Solar PV and already it is clear that the positives to this renewable energy source are too loud for anyone to ignore.

Already own a conventional heating system? No problem. It is so easy to switch to domestic Solar PV today and one the best advantages to all this is it increases the value of your property. All it takes is just that one installation. Another thing, Solar PV panels are completely silent, no noise, no annoying little sounds, nothing but a mute renewable energy source that powers your home.

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Author - Matthew McKone 03/12/19

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