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A reliable and accredited Solar PV and Air Source Heating specialist company you can trust. We offer only the finest customer service for all of our customers and will stop at nothing to meet your desired requirements. Your renewable energy investments are in safe hands with Turbine Energy.

  • Renewable energy technology is the best way to protect against the impact of increasing fuel prices. 

  • In an uncertain world we need to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sustainable technology. 

  • We need to reduce our carbon footprint, making our energy usage more efficient. This makes a significant contribution.   

It's time to change the way we produce and use our energy

Why we are a perfect fit for you

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Experience and consistency makes us one of the leading Solar PV and Air Source Heating providers in both our area and the UK today. With an experienced and knowledgeable team who's happy to take any inquiry you may have about our business. For a free survey today, call 01302 898508.

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The protection offered by HIES, which includes comprehensive insurance backed guarantees and first class mediation services, ensures consumers are protected before, during and after their installation.

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The Services We 


Throughout our website you will learn about the different services that we offer, this includes Solar PV installation, solar maintenance, inverter repairs and Air Source Heat Pump installation. If you want to gain more information about any of these products, then find out more when clicking on the various pages on our website.

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